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Racing News:  Check out the "racing - city league" page for the impressive performances of several club members.

Finally!!!!!  We got to do the first Treasure Hunt on a beautiful and clear day.  The clues, however, proved to be not so clear.  Like the Lost Treasures of El Dorado
 and the Sierra Madre, the Treasure of the Bend Ski Club remains unfound.  See the "events" page for more details.

The Club race gate training session with Greg Timm went great.  There were a dozen participants.  We are looking into making this an annual event.  See the "events" page for details.

(Check the "events" and "club ski together" pages for what we've done and what's still to come this season.)

                  "CLUB SKI TOGETHER"
Join other members every Sunday, 10 AM, bottom of Pine Marten lift for our Club Ski Together in the spectacular powder, or whatever Mother Nature has provided.  Wear your flag so we can find you in the powder clouds on turns. 

     Regular Sunday's "Club Ski Togethers" starting 1/26

                  Bottom of Pine Marten lift; 10 AM. 

Our first official, regularly scheduled "Club Ski Together" was a big success.  14 of us shredded the slopes together at one time or another, flags flying.  The Super Bowl (super if you're a Seahawks fan, not so much if you like Denver) Club Ski Together was also great.  10 showed  up initially with more joining during the day as some left for game events.  The flags made for easy finding.  Join us, same time, same place next Sunday, every Sunday.  It's working and fun.  
Hoodoo got beaten up this year.  The City League racing was canceled, sorry to say.  For the first time, we had a Bend Ski Club team formed.  Next year it'll be better.  Go to the "racing- city league" page for details. 


Welcome to the Bend Ski Club web site.  We've been active in the community for over a decade.  We are the only ski club in Central Oregon dedicated to downhill recreational skiing.

                     How good do you have to be to enjoy club membership?  

You can be a beginner or someone happy to do a few runs on the green and blue slopes or the shredder looking for the toughest challenge of the day...steeps, backside powder and trees. You can be the person who heads for the warm lodge when the wind starts blowing and the visibility lessens or the hardcore who likes empty slopes no matter what the conditions.  But everyone can enjoy our warm and friendly social events.  

Join us at the Bend Ski Club to share this exciting ski season on our "backyard mountain"!!  It's been rock skis till now, but maybe we can finally put them away and not worry. 

Our social events will be held between November 2nd and May.  Please check the "events calendar" page for event details, times and locations.

The Bend Ski Club is also on Facebook (Bend Ski Club).  We are a non-profit, 501c-7 organization.  


We are always looking for new members. Give us a call anytime, or just stop by any scheduled meeting.

Call  678-333-5767

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